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Carré Karton B.V. is established in the year 1996, as an allied company of the Eerste Nederlandse Rondkartonnagefabriek.

The ‘Eerste Nederlandse Rondkartonnagefabriek’ (ENR) has over 70 years experience in producing round paper cores, round drums and reels. A logical step, for a highly experienced paper converting company, was to start a new business in an innovative product: a square all fibre drum. That’s how Carré Karton was born!

The philosophy behind the product is saving costs and the environment at the same time. Our mission is to convince the world of the many advantages our product contains. The purchase of a second new completely automated production line (2012 in operation) shows that it is a very successful product and concept.

Carré Karton offers the solution for your company and the environment!

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